Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Arvon Writing Competition

I've received the best Christmas present ever! I've won a writing competition!

I've been reasonably busy since the loss of my job in April with writing and crafting so it's good to know that, along with making my first sale on folksy, I have also managed to win a competition. It makes the year less bleak.

For the writing exercise I sat down once a day over a week and just wrote whatever came into my head for ten minutes. Each day you had to pick your best sentence from the previous day's writing and start with it. It became progressively harder as the week went on. I must admit I ended up just listing watercolour paints on the second to final day and cut the last few minutes short.

I think this is only the second time I've received any kind of payment or prize for a piece of writing so forgive me while I blow my trumpet a little!

Here is my winning entry - for which I have an extra Christmas present (a mystery book) to put under the tree:

'I cling to colour. My paintbrush is poised; a soft ball of kinetic energy. Clouds fall out of the palette and hang like chandeliers. A dog sniffs the driftwood near my feet. Lemon yellow on the horizon. Alzarin crimson and bright red. Opulence and decadence collide.'

The worst sentence is the dog sniffing - god knows where that came from but it must have been my best sentence on the fourth day...

Merry Christmas! :)

PS - Both my shops are now closed to give me a break from fretting about my second sale (and to give me time to knit and crochet scarves!) but will re-open again on December 29th - that's next Tuesday :))

1 comment:

Chella Ramanan said...

I like the dog sniffs driftwood line the best. Very James Joyce ;)

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