Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Upcycle folksy comp

A week ago I had fun trying to think what I would make with five random items from a charity shop. The folksy competition - Upcycle Christmas is certainly an enjoyable challenge!

I ended up visiting quite a few charity shops in Taunton from the PDSA to St Margaret's Hospice (they had the nicest clothes), from Marie Curie Cancer Care to the British Red Cross. I bought the tie above for 95p from the British Red Cross along with 3 other items, and the stencil book from St Margaret's Hospice. All in all I think I spent about a tenner :)

I have never upcycled anything before in my life. I had just about arrived at the point where I was looking for men's woolly jumpers to felt but was a bit nervous. I can't explain why. Perhaps it's the snob in me!

So I think this competition is fantastic in raising the profile of charity shops for crafters whilst also making us think - I had to really rummage around in my head to think up something imaginative and funky to make! And it's fab that we're raising money too :)

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