Friday, 27 November 2009

Sew by Cath Kidston

I am a lucky owner of the 'Sew' Cath Kidston book which I found unexpectedly lurking on a bookshelf in WH Smith. It looked as if someone had picked it up and decided not to buy (I know! How unbelievable) as I found it resting by the travel books :)

This is an excellent book with a huge range of projects for people of all ages - everything from a peg bag to a very nice tote bag with a handy large pocket on the front.

It also comes with all the materials (including buttons) for the bag on the front cover plus a lifesize pattern sheet:

As you can see in the photo I bought my own tracing paper in the form of grid marked pattern paper as I'm terrible at tracing patterns freehand...even with a ruler! This way you can count the squares and just cut out the squared paper. It's also more durable and I felt like I could use the paper a lot more times than my usual printer paper which I use for patterns.

This is my first project from the book - a needlecase which I made from lovely Tone Finegar 'Tilda' fabric - it encouraged me to buy a multipack of needles...fifty in I should never be lost for the right needle...

Happy sewing & knitting...:)

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