Monday, 16 November 2009

Busy bee

Well, as you can see, several things have happened on Sewing is for girls in the past two weeks. First of all I've gone all pink. As soon as I finished painting the blog I felt better - all my piccies look more framed and have more of an impact. I've started a Sewing is for girls fanpage on facebook and a Twitter page for news about the blog and my folksy shop. I had an article published on 'Make it and Mend it' with heaps of good advice for new knitters who may be afraid of the cost of taking up a new hobby.

Talking of my shop I have also been working away like a busy bee on lots of new handmade goodies to tempt even those with the slimmest of purses :) My felted holly christmas tree decoration is one item which I am particularly pleased with. Christmas is always so inspiring for arty peeps!

Happy knitting! :)

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