Friday, 27 November 2009

Sew by Cath Kidston

I am a lucky owner of the 'Sew' Cath Kidston book which I found unexpectedly lurking on a bookshelf in WH Smith. It looked as if someone had picked it up and decided not to buy (I know! How unbelievable) as I found it resting by the travel books :)

This is an excellent book with a huge range of projects for people of all ages - everything from a peg bag to a very nice tote bag with a handy large pocket on the front.

It also comes with all the materials (including buttons) for the bag on the front cover plus a lifesize pattern sheet:

As you can see in the photo I bought my own tracing paper in the form of grid marked pattern paper as I'm terrible at tracing patterns freehand...even with a ruler! This way you can count the squares and just cut out the squared paper. It's also more durable and I felt like I could use the paper a lot more times than my usual printer paper which I use for patterns.

This is my first project from the book - a needlecase which I made from lovely Tone Finegar 'Tilda' fabric - it encouraged me to buy a multipack of needles...fifty in I should never be lost for the right needle...

Happy sewing & knitting...:)

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Folksy toys

I've loved folksy ever since I found it through recommendation last year. There is such an eclectic mix of handmade items on there for such reasonable prices when compared with offline shops. Of course I now sell on there myself which is an honour! Sometimes I just browse for an hour completely amazed at the toys, accessories and art for sale. Here are four items that are my favourites this week:

Boo Biloo


Squiggly Monkeys

Hotdog and Me

Monday, 16 November 2009

Busy bee

Well, as you can see, several things have happened on Sewing is for girls in the past two weeks. First of all I've gone all pink. As soon as I finished painting the blog I felt better - all my piccies look more framed and have more of an impact. I've started a Sewing is for girls fanpage on facebook and a Twitter page for news about the blog and my folksy shop. I had an article published on 'Make it and Mend it' with heaps of good advice for new knitters who may be afraid of the cost of taking up a new hobby.

Talking of my shop I have also been working away like a busy bee on lots of new handmade goodies to tempt even those with the slimmest of purses :) My felted holly christmas tree decoration is one item which I am particularly pleased with. Christmas is always so inspiring for arty peeps!

Happy knitting! :)

Monday, 9 November 2009

A day at the MISI fair

I learnt a lot from looking around the MISI craft fair on Saturday in Bristol. I bought the pink felted brooch above from a seller - unfortunately I can't figure out who it was - but her stall was very pretty and much like I'd have mine (I'm dreaming now!) if I ever have one in the future...

Later on I sat down in a free drop-in workshop run by Get Knitted and calmly tried to learn how to crochet for the third time! I don't really have any desire to crochet because I feel like my bow is full with knitting - but adding another string is never a bad idea. The yarn we were given to practise with was ideal - smooth with a bit of a stretch to it which really helped me as I'm too tight. I learnt how to do a basic chain and double crochet. Apparently that's all you need to crochet an 'Amigurumi'. I'm finding the one hook to be more relaxing than two needles...

Later in the day I finally made it to Cath Kidston to buy a book of address labels and their red retractable tape measure...finally I can be free of a sprawling tape measure on the sofa getting tangled!

A very worthwhile day :)

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Upcycle folksy comp

A week ago I had fun trying to think what I would make with five random items from a charity shop. The folksy competition - Upcycle Christmas is certainly an enjoyable challenge!

I ended up visiting quite a few charity shops in Taunton from the PDSA to St Margaret's Hospice (they had the nicest clothes), from Marie Curie Cancer Care to the British Red Cross. I bought the tie above for 95p from the British Red Cross along with 3 other items, and the stencil book from St Margaret's Hospice. All in all I think I spent about a tenner :)

I have never upcycled anything before in my life. I had just about arrived at the point where I was looking for men's woolly jumpers to felt but was a bit nervous. I can't explain why. Perhaps it's the snob in me!

So I think this competition is fantastic in raising the profile of charity shops for crafters whilst also making us think - I had to really rummage around in my head to think up something imaginative and funky to make! And it's fab that we're raising money too :)

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