Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Fourth Update - Summer Denim Bag

OK - so it's taken me a month but I am knitting a cardigan too! This was hard for me. Really hard. I've never sewn a lining into a bag before. The thought scared me and for a while I thought I'd dodge the challenge. It was good that I ordered some material for lining from Cath Kidston earlier this year that I loved - otherwise I would have given in!

It was probably not helped by not having a great relationship with the sewing machine in the house. I'm a bit scared of it and memories of GCSE Textiles keep appearing whenever I look at it. This has to change as I grew tired of stitching by hand as you can probably see from the photo. I could probably have finished this in a quarter of the time if I had machine stitched it.

Also I'm left with too much material at the sides as I allowed too much for the seam and didn't turn it inside out when I had finished - I tend to rush finishing techniques too - this is why I don't want to show you my blue tank top - as I rushed the sewing and cut the wool too close to the knot instead of weaving it in to prevent it undoing.

As I start to knit and make things I will be serious about wearing I'm sure this will change and I will sit down and sew patiently! After all, a bag undoing while I'm out and about will be soooo embarrassing! Never mind a jumper :)

Happy knitting...:)


Tessa said...

I'm more than halfway through the bag and my pattern (horror!) has gone AWOL! I'm hoping you can help. I've done the main bag and the strap and remember instructions for a 'front flap' and the cable edging. I'm casting on for the front flap (which was when I realised the pattern was gone). If you can tell me how many stitches and how long this flap is supposed to be that would be good. Also the instructions for the cable edge on the flap. I remember the bit about washing all the pieces + some yarn for sewing up and I think I can put it all together at the end. I'm assuming that the strap forms a side gusset on the bag.

Jo Anglezarke said...

Yes - I'm happy to scan a copy to you - email me at jo_anglezarke [at] yahoo.co.uk and I'll email you back :)

Front flap is 44 stitches - stocking stitch - 32 cm ending with RS facing then CO.

I made an alteration to the flap edging as I didn't get how you were supposed to be in a position to cable on the first stitch. The pattern says:

Cast on 5 stitches

Row 1:K4, P1
Row 2:K1, P4
Row 3:C4F, P1
Row 4:As row 2

Cont in pattern until edging measures 90 cm.

My version is:

Cast on 6 stitches:

Row 1:P1,K4,P1
Row 2:K1,P4,K1
Row 3:P1,C4F,P1
Row 4:As row 2

I'll email you the making up instructions :)

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