Thursday, 1 October 2009

Cream Cardigan: Part one

I wasn't supposed to be starting any new projects as I am running out of money for anything that could be considered 'superfluous' - so to get round this I'm making a cardigan! I figured it didn't cost that much more than what I would have spent on one ready-made in the shops and I could have it in my own special colour...

So, weak reasons apart, here it is. It's 'Marigold' by Marie Wallin from Rowan Magazine Number 45 (summer edition). I'm knitting a summer cardigan in October as I'm a very hot person and find I hardly wear chunky sweaters inside. Often when autumn comes along the shops don't have smart thin cardigans so I end up just wearing one layer and shivering a bit rather than overheating in a large jumper.

I'm finding the yarn a bit slower to knit up than I'm used to but other than that it has a gorgeous texture.

Lets see how the shaping goes...:)

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