Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Pom Pom Tutorial

I had never felt the need to make a pom-pom before but wanted to add one to this hat a couple of months ago. If you don't mind if your pom-pom doesn't look perfect then this tutorial is for you.

Step 1 - Find some yarn to practice on:

Step 2 - Find some small craft scissors:

Step 3 - Wrap the yarn around as many fingers as you want - two fingers would make a very small pom-pom but I decided on four. Also the amount of times you wrap the yarn will determine how thick your ball is at the end.

Step 4 - Cut the yarn leaving about 10 cm.

Step 5 - Take the circles of yarn off your fingers and carefully wrap the 10cm of yarn round the middle.

Step 6 - When you have finished securing the pom-pom push the yarn back through the middle bit of yarn with your scissors to make sure it doesn't unwind.

Step 7 - Cut through the loops at both sides trying to shape it into a ball shape as you go.

Step 8 - Trim the pom-pom into the shape you want. As this won't be a perfect pom-pom don't worry about the appearance too much.

You've made a pom-pom! :)

Sunday, 25 October 2009

MISI at Paintworks

MISI (Make it Sell it) are holding their first craft event in Bristol on Saturday week. It will be held at The Paintworks and will feature live music and workshops throughout the day. It starts at 10.30am and finishes at 5pm! Plenty of time if you sleep in and get there late :)

Paintworks has a fab website which tells you exactly how to get there, by train, car or bike.

See you there :)

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Cream Cardigan: Part Two

This is the second installment of my cream cardigan and so far it's going ok. You can see Part One here. I'm finding the 4 ply yarn a bit slow to knit up but of course the end result is much more delicate and subtle than DK or chunky. This is the back piece - all was fine until the age old problem I seem to have with shaping. I seemed to lose two stitches part of the way through so to counteract this I knitted a couple of rows normally where you were meant to decrease evenly throughout the piece. Then I lost another stitch! Infuriating. I'm sure a couple of stitches won't affect the overall look or shape of it though. I'm finding the yarn very bitty and it has made me sneeze an awful lot! But it looks who cares?!

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Fourth Update - Summer Denim Bag

OK - so it's taken me a month but I am knitting a cardigan too! This was hard for me. Really hard. I've never sewn a lining into a bag before. The thought scared me and for a while I thought I'd dodge the challenge. It was good that I ordered some material for lining from Cath Kidston earlier this year that I loved - otherwise I would have given in!

It was probably not helped by not having a great relationship with the sewing machine in the house. I'm a bit scared of it and memories of GCSE Textiles keep appearing whenever I look at it. This has to change as I grew tired of stitching by hand as you can probably see from the photo. I could probably have finished this in a quarter of the time if I had machine stitched it.

Also I'm left with too much material at the sides as I allowed too much for the seam and didn't turn it inside out when I had finished - I tend to rush finishing techniques too - this is why I don't want to show you my blue tank top - as I rushed the sewing and cut the wool too close to the knot instead of weaving it in to prevent it undoing.

As I start to knit and make things I will be serious about wearing I'm sure this will change and I will sit down and sew patiently! After all, a bag undoing while I'm out and about will be soooo embarrassing! Never mind a jumper :)

Happy knitting...:)

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Cream Cardigan: Part one

I wasn't supposed to be starting any new projects as I am running out of money for anything that could be considered 'superfluous' - so to get round this I'm making a cardigan! I figured it didn't cost that much more than what I would have spent on one ready-made in the shops and I could have it in my own special colour...

So, weak reasons apart, here it is. It's 'Marigold' by Marie Wallin from Rowan Magazine Number 45 (summer edition). I'm knitting a summer cardigan in October as I'm a very hot person and find I hardly wear chunky sweaters inside. Often when autumn comes along the shops don't have smart thin cardigans so I end up just wearing one layer and shivering a bit rather than overheating in a large jumper.

I'm finding the yarn a bit slower to knit up than I'm used to but other than that it has a gorgeous texture.

Lets see how the shaping goes...:)
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