Saturday, 26 September 2009

Slouch socks by Erika Knight

Erika Knight and Kim Hargreaves seem to have both earnt their places as my favourite knitwear designers. These slouch socks were designed by Erika Knight and are from her 'Classic' book. This is the book that I knitted my blue tank top from - which has worked out brilliantly (photo shoot to come!) I love the modern feel to their designs.

There are a couple of bits I have to tweak - the join in the heel didn't seem to get sewn up properly as the shaping was a bit loose (I'm still not 100% at shaping) so I must prise them off my feet (where they have been very happily) to do a little more sewing.

For this project I broke the habit of 18 months and bought Debbie Bliss - the colours in the cashmere range were extensive - good for someone who needs more shades of blue to choose from!

Happy knitting :)


Lissy said...

Hello! I am a new reader to your blog; love it! I have never knitted socks before, do you think these would be a good first pair?


Jo said...

Hi Lissy

Yes they are perfect to knit as a starter pair - the yarn is beautiful to knit with and they knit up very quickly as they are aran weight xx

Lissy said...

Thanks! I will begin these once I have worked out how to turn...!

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