Thursday, 23 July 2009


I rode a Horse for the first time ever in April! Not this one obviously - he belongs to another farm...but isn't he cute all the same?

I thought I would be really scared but it felt great - it was really relaxing and fun although very tiring...a change from knitting and crafting for a while :)

Monday, 13 July 2009

Meet Big Ted

OMG! Remember back in October when I said I wanted to make the Ultimate Ted?! Well, here he is!! It's so exciting...

It's a larger Debbie Bliss bear than the one I started off with in December 2008. I have certainly improved but I won't be making anything as large as this again in a hurry...

The coat drove me insane - decreasing to an even amount of stitches seemed to turn the pattern into rib so I had to decrease two stitches instead of one each time I shaped. This caused further complications when shaping the side of the coat which had the buttonholes on - it randomly turned to rib again but I was too annoyed to undo a piece for the 50th time! Luckily, I have just learnt how to make a pompom without using anything other than my fingers so I made a 'decorative embellishment' (covered a glaring mistake). Hopefully no-one will notice...and you're not gonna tell...right?


PS - does anyone else find it freaky the way it took me exactly 9 months from wanting to make him to finishing him...?

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Felt flower brooch

It's strange how knitting is more complex than felt, yet people are more amazed by it due to its bold colour and rigid form. For me, the best thing about felt is that it didn't irritate my eczema in last week's heatwave as it led to a very long break in my knitting schedule :)
I'm following Alice's example of assessing craft supplies and using up what you already have during the recession. When I think back to how few craft items I used to own and how I longed to be able to go shopping for art and craft supplies, I realise just how spoilt rotten I am now - I have way too many projects on the go and have banned myself from buying anything new. It encourages more creativity! I would encourage you to challenge yourself to do the same :)

Happy crafting :)
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