Sunday, 28 June 2009

Fame...but sadly not fortune...

Woah! I have had over 200 hits to my site over the last few months due to being featured on a very popular site called angelfire which is teaming with free patterns! I never thought my stuffed strawberry pincushion would be so popular :)

In recent weeks visitors have stayed longer on my site and had a good nosey round clicking all the labels enthusiastically - this is great news as I'm launching shops in the next few months to add to the existing one on folksy - albeit in very slow motion :)

It's hard leaving the safe confines of a A4 pattern but I'm being gradually braver each time I pick up my needles...hope you are too...happy knitting!

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Red Pink Punk

I didn't know how to make i-cord (idiot cord - so-called because, well, you know why) before I bought this knitting dolly. Usually they only have 4 pins but I wanted a really thick chunky cord so I held out till I came across this wooden one which has 8. Isn't a thing of beauty?

I love red and pink together in my craft - it satisfies my punk urge without descending into wearing a bright red coat with a pink brolly (I have done this), which really isn't becoming for such a plain mousey shy girl :) I really love bright yellow and green together, but have no plans to wear that combination any time soon...

The best thing about making i-cord is that you don't have to endlessly make sure you have all your stuff with you if you move with your knitting - no pattern, no pencil to work out any maths that confuses you, nothing...just pure knitting enjoyment. Not that I'm not enjoying knitting my very cleverly shaped big teddy bear with a moss stitch coat...oh no :)

Happy knitting :)
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