Monday, 18 May 2009

Fun & Funky Knitting by Emma King

Fun and Funky Knitting is a fab book aimed at young beginners who want fun projects which are easy to make. It's also great for those progressing or experienced knitters as there is a great cabled bag with bobbles to make out of big wool (as seen on the front cover). There is a huge variety of funky, beautiful colourful bags for a selection of outfits. There is also a great beaded hat in divine colours which made me swoon! The inclusion of more expensive yarn, such as kidsilk haze, is usually balanced with a different yarn so the cost of the projects is reasonable too. If you are looking for a present to give to an arty fashion conscious young knitter this would be sooo perfect! And it's available to buy at £7.49 by clicking the above link - perfection and simplicity combined :)

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