Saturday, 18 April 2009

Sponsored Walk

As some of my readers might already know from my twitter/facebook updates and my fundraising pages here and here, I am doing a sponsored 7 mile walk for Diabetes UK. If you would like to sponsor me for the walk this sunday, please click the widget to the right of this post and give anything from a pound upwards. I have raised £52 so far but would love to make it to my target of £75 - so another £23 is needed between today and sunday.

Diabetes is a condition where the amount of glucose in the blood is too high because the body cannot use it properly. There are currently over 2.5 million people with diabetes in the UK and there are more than half a million people with diabetes who have the condition and don’t know it. I'm in two of the 'increased risk' categories on the website - something which has certainly made me think about my lifestyle and how I can motivate myself to enjoy exercise.

This is a real first for me - I have never engaged in any kind of sponsored activity before and am completely unfit. My 'get fit to fundraise' activities over the coming months will lead to a 36 mile fundraising walk for a different cause over four days in June - the Coleridge Way in Somerset which I am very much looking forward to...when fit!

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