Saturday, 4 April 2009

Birthday Bag

It's been a busier month than usual so I decided to take a break from blogging. A couple of weeks ago I managed to knit the bag above in ten days! I finished it after the photo was taken but it was a late birthday present so I had to wrap it up and forget about blogging :)

I tried to sew a zip in. To knitting. And stocking stitch as well. It said to in the pattern, but I've since found out this is well known to be a big problem. It didn't sew to the knitted edges properly and part of why I struggled was because the zip seemed a bit wimpy compared to the big curls of knitting I was sewing it onto. It just doesn't go. I have no idea what I could have used instead as the top edges curled over so much a press stud wouldn't have been sufficient.

Perhaps this is why so many of the other bag patterns I've seen aren't so large! It was a lovely present and the first time I've knitted a gift for someone which was extremely satisfying...but I worry about the zip :)

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