Thursday, 19 February 2009

Baby in Red

Well, this is the completed back of my red baby jumper. Knitted from a Debbie Bliss book I found in a charity shop for £1. Since taking the photos I have completed the front but don't want to show you in case it's wrong and I only find out when I sew the jumper together! :)

It's such a cute colour - it's been really nice to knit, apart from needing another row counter and not being able to find one last sunday. Instead, I wrote what I was doing on a piece of paper and this ended up helping me more than a row counter would have as I knew how many rows to knit after shaping the neckline on the front piece.

If you look carefully at this photo of the front you can see I have gone wrong and had to unpick and gather up the stitches again. I still haven't worked out how to tell if I'm on a knit or purl row just by looking at the stitches. I always knit or purl the wrong row when I'm knitting after 9pm and I forget to make a mark on my piece of paper.

Still, as with the hat, it's my first one, and I'm sure I will improve...

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