Saturday, 23 February 2008

A great tutorial on how to knit...

I think 'threadhead' sounds much better than 'crafter'!

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Another cool blog

I've stumbled across another cool blog, this time through YouTube. All I know about this bird is that she's a graphic designer, oh and that her cards are ace...but I'll have more of a nosy round her blog at the weekend.

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

African Elephant

I finished another card this morning after spending an afternoon at the weekend cross stitching.

I found the pattern from 'The World of Cross Stitching' and managed to stitch it in just over 4 hours. I then frayed the edges and stuck it with sticky dots to the black card.

I used:

DMC thread 648
DMC thread 822
JP coats thread 8514 (yes I really do need to buy some more DMC thread)
Black in one strand for the outlining

It was stitched on 16 count white aida. I was going to use a boring white card but thought the blue made it look more serene.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Rainbow embroidery

Surfing around crafting blogs this morning I made a very bright and colourful discovery - Future Girl who has had her work published in the 'Anticraft' book. Her blog is truly outstanding and will become a must read.

Coming across her photo of her stash of DMC threads made me smile - my cousin in Canada gave me a pack of DMC threads for my 21st birthday present (above) - and now, 6 years later, the filing systems I put in place back then have long been abandoned.

I had no idea there was a DMC list ready for you to tick off the colours as you buy them, so I'm sure I'll be parting with quite a lot of money in the next few weeks replacing my cottons and buying storage containers for them.

I have a few major projects on the go (probably not a good idea) and will return to the subject of embroidery soon.

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Paper and thread

Welcome to my new blog! This is my second one, and is in addition to my Lib Dem blog.

So what's this blog all about? Well, at the moment, it will be to provide inspiration to other crafters and to have a central place online where I can keep all my links, lists of projects I am working on, and hopefully hear back from other online crafters to create a little paper and thread community. So if you want to get in touch to share ideas please do.

The last two weeks I have mostly been making cards. Above is one that is nearly finished...I just need to buy some glass paint to make the butterfly and dragonfly more colourful.

How did I do it? The paper to the left of the card is called mulberry paper. The butterfly and dragonfly are stickers stuck to a sheet of acetate, cut, bent, and finally sewn with sparkly silver thread (which you can't see in the photo) to the square of white card.
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