Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Wrist warmer breakthrough!

Yesterday was a momentous day in my journey to the centre of the knitting world. I have tried ribbing many times but had always managed to produce a complete mess. Perhaps knitting stocking stitch has got me used to the purl stitch so much I can now relax and rib. I've always been like that...a bit of a plodder and slow learner, but I thoroughly absorb along the way.

I have been looking at all kinds of beautiful jumpers and getting frustrated that I can't knit 90% of them due to my inability to rib, so perhaps that spurred me on.

Of course Julie at Little Cotton Rabbits has really helped, as the above piece of knitting is from a pattern she gave away free on her blog. It's really simple as there is no shaping - that's my next task after practising rib a bit more and finishing these wrist warmers.

These will be great as the Rowan Handknit Cotton I have used is really soft. They will also leave your fingers and thumb free when shopping. I had bought a pair of fingerless gloves with a flap that comes over to turn them into mittens, but your thumb is still covered, making it difficult to open your purse and get money out without taking them off.

It also solves that problem of wearing a short sleeved top for an evening out as you could knit extra long ones to take the place of sleeves then discreetly slip them into your handbag when you get inside somewhere :)

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