Saturday, 20 December 2008

Meet Ed the Ted

Yes! The Debbie Bliss teddy bear I started knitting in early October was finally brought to life last week! After many weeks lying in dismembered pieces in my knitting bag and me nervously catching a glimpse of it every time I went to get my wrist warmers out, Edward is finally alive...

I have not done so bad considering I've been knitting for 6 months and it's my first ever teddy bear. It was nothing like making a felt stuffie and there were times when I nearly gave up. About 50% of it was sewing it together, not simply, but with darts and tapering. As a knitting and cross stitch fan (someone who craves pattern and order) I think the sewing and making up was a little fiddly, but something that will come with a lot more practice.

As you can probably see from the photo the first sole I sewed into the foot didn't match the grain of the stocking stitch and therefore it draws your attention to the fact that it's sewn in. The right sole was perfect as I realised how to do it!

The body is a little strangely shaped, again probably due to the stuffing forming lumps - once I have used up all my cheap stuffing I will probably buy a nicer bag.

Lastly, the jumper turned out rather large. I did have to substitute all the yarns in the Debbie Bliss book as it's very old. I tried altering the buttons to make it fit him tighter, but I think he looks better without the jacket.

Anyway, see what you think...

I'm off to finish a grey-blue silk scarf for a christmas present - a project started before I learnt to rib and which now seems hideously dull! I won't be making many more scarves now that's for certain!

Happy knitting!

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