Sunday, 28 December 2008

Cashmere v polyamide = no contest

Hope you have had a good christmas. I had a stomach bug from christmas day until yesterday with a few sniffles that don't seem to have developed into anything.

I went shopping in the sales today and was so horrified by some of the items of clothing on offer I nearly ran out of the shops screaming. Perhaps all the usual items have already been in the perpetual sale that has been held since November in Britain due to the recession! All I could find was a pair of bed socks reduced from £9.50 to £4 and they were manmade and brown! Why would I buy those when I could knit a beautiful pair in cashmere in whatever colour I want from the above book by Erika Knight?

The jumpers in this book are so beautiful - the photography is stunning and the clothes the models are wearing with the knits are truly amazing.

I already have two of her books which I am similarly impressed with - but this is the best so far. If you are looking for stylish funky knits that will suit a variety of occasions (I can imagine myself wearing one or two for work as well as at the weekend) then this book is perfect for you. Erika Knight rocks!

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