Friday, 21 November 2008

Strawberry Pincushion Tutorial

Recently I realised I didn't have a pincushion for my embroidery needles. I have tons as they give one away free with each kit you buy but I couldn't find one the other day and wasted time hunting one down. This is such an easy pincushion to make - a child could do it in a few hours.

All you do is trace round something circular of your desired size onto a red piece of felt. Next time I do a pincushion in the future, perhaps to sell or raise funds, I'll buy a larger piece of felt by the metre and use a dinner plate. For this project I used a large bowl turned upside down. Measure its diameter across four points and half it, thus finding the middle. Mark it with a pencil and draw a line through it, therefore splitting it into two halves. Cut and fold in half as above.

Sew the side of the strawberry, taking care as this will be visable when it's finished. Embroider little seeds in DMC 165 or similar. Stuff the inside of the strawberry putting slightly more in than you think will go so it's not limp when you sew it up.

Then sew a simple long stitch around the top of the circle and gather up. Sew in place securely. Don't worry, the top of the strawberry will be hidden.

Take some green felt and cut the leaf for the top, then carefully attach from underneath so the stiches don't show at the top.

Ahhh...I'm missing strawberries!

Update - you can now buy my strawberry in my etsy shop : ))

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