Thursday, 20 November 2008

Shades and stitches

Well, I've managed to emerge from my bed. It's been a bit touch and go since Tuesday morning, but I've finally managed to stop having the kind of violent nausea that makes you want to jump off a cliff! Of course, knitting has kept me sane. I have yet to finish the bear, but I have been experimenting with some more stitches from my book by Erika Knight in the picture above. I can still only manage to alternate knit and purl rows, not stitches, but there are about 10 stitches you can do on this basis...only 240 to learn! I tried cartridge stitch where you purl 2 rows out of 6. Underneath you can see my scribblings on a free pattern from the new Rowan website, trying to work out how you knit from a chart. I've bought some great knitting books so I managed it eventually!

I also found some shade cards on the Rowan website which I wanted ages ago but the site was being relaunched earlier this month. They cost £1.50 for each range but it will be so useful just to see at a glance which colours to choose from when making a present for someone or a bear. The net just isn't the same. I rang Debbie Bliss but you have to be a retailer for them to supply you. Totally understandable...happy stitching!

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