Monday, 6 October 2008

The ultimate ted!

This is the ultimate Ted. It's my sole aim in the next few months to make him. I never thought it was so easy to make a bear, but I'm only knitting the pieces of the smaller version of him (below) at the moment, and haven't shaped or sewn one up yet, but it's been relatively easy so far! Taking a couple of weeks to decide on the yarn as I couldn't find the one specified in the Debbie Bliss book meant that I have precisely the right shade and texture and feel really excited whenever I pick up my knitting.

It's my 28th birthday today and I love every minute of getting closer to 30. I don't know what I think will happen when I'm 30, but I do hope it happens, otherwise I might be setting myself up for disappointment if everything stays the same! My mum gave me the nicest present, which was chosen by me and inspired by Julie's Little Cotton Rabbits blog...she has the blue one. It's so perfect and pretty!

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