Saturday, 25 October 2008

A Teddy Bear's Jumper, a scarf and some more bootees...

How many projects can you see?! I must have about 5 or so knitting projects on the go, hence why no blogging. The pink square I'm knitting is for another pair of bootees. The green is for the jumper my teddy bear will wear, and the purple wool is for a scarf. I've heard it's going to be extremely cold next week so I've been frantically getting on with the scarf. As you can see it knits itself into rows of different colours and is so smart. It's 100% wool as well. The only problem is that sometimes it's so soft and fuzzy the texture becomes like candy floss and can easily snap.

The little pockets you can see are crammed too. One side has a few squares I've knitted for bootees, the other side has the ears, soles, body and head of my teddy bear, which I will go back to soon, after I finish the scarf!

Life has been a little too busy this week for my liking, and busy for the wrong reasons, doing things I didn't particularly enjoy! My only quiet day at work was monday but the weekend before was manic and things started getting frantic by tuesday. I've recently scooped up a part-time job due to my normal full-time job being (dealing with planning applications) reduced by the credit crunch. I do try and cram a little too much in my day, but that's because I have to have my couple of hours at least when I switch off and meditate with my knitting!

I read the article about Julie in Yours magazine, purely after reading her blog post about it. Her descriptions of getting up at 2am with Toby, who is severly autistic, and entertaining him are really humbling. It really shows how healthy having an absorbing hobby can be.

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