Sunday, 21 September 2008

Rowan bliss

I've finally tried the Rowan range of yarn, and have vowed never to touch a ball priced under £3 ever again! The difference is unbelievable. First of all the ball band contains so much more information. Secondly, and most importantly, the yarn feels beautiful in my hands. I can't wait to pick my knitting up. I was knitting till late last night and it was the first thing I picked up this morning. I keep stroking the ball and can't believe how wonderfully soft it is, yet it's knitting up so strong. I found a second hand Debbie Bliss book for baby clothes for beginners a couple of weeks ago so am knitting up a pair of baby bootees. Not for me, (gladly!) but for donation to a local organisation to sell for funds, and if I make another pair for a charity. They are for newborn babies from 0-6 months and all the children in my family are toddlers or over 5.

I was so lucky to find two balls of this colour of DK handknit cotton in my local Rowan wool shop. It's not a small shop but it stocked about 10 colours in this range. There was another stunning shade of blue I wanted but there was only one ball left. The shop assistant was so much more helpful than the department store where I have gone previously. She couldn't wait to help and I may not have gone for the right length of needles if she hadn't rushed to my aid and given me two lengths to choose from. How wonderful! I won't mention names, but she certainly has replaced another craft shop in my town as my favourite purely because of the customer service!

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