Saturday, 13 September 2008

Pretty Notes

Alice regularly blogs about her latest stationery obsessions, so I thought I would follow suit. As a writer I have the usual, relatively normal, fixation on notebooks: quality of paper, colour on the outside, the cover, whether it's spiral bound or glued, and how big it is. For example, does it matter if it doesn't fit in your handbag?

Over the years I've tried all different shapes, sizes and colours of notebooks. My favourites and most useful are usually A5 size, very pretty and spiral bound. When I was a student I scrimped and saved by buying cheap reporters notebooks, but they just didn't inspire me to write anything. Whenever I looked at the notebook I just felt poor and depressed, a bit like drinking out of a chipped mug!

I found this notebook in Waterstones who are stocking the 'KTwo' range. They are similar to Cath Kidston style but have a much wider range of notebooks. I particularly love the storage pockets at the back for receipts and vouchers. You can't see the 'To Call' section or the first page of the 'To Do' tab as I've filled a couple of pages already in the last two weeks. I've carried it around with me and it's not that heavy. It's so good to write a list of things that are floating around in your head before going to sleep!

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