Sunday, 7 September 2008

Blossom and fruit

A few months ago I was in awe of the mound of apple blossom overhanging the shed in the corner of our I'm in awe of all the apples! We picked a lot of them (with our landlord's permission) a couple of weeks ago - but supply has hugely outweighed demand and we are left with a lawn full of fruit! I wish I had my camera when the blossom was out it was the most beautiful I've seen. I can't remember our apple tree when I was a child blossoming so spectacularly.

I did try one of them but wasn't sure about the dry watery taste to them - I was going to use them to make apple crumble but I'm not sure if they're strong enough. I'm probably being dumb here and there's lots of tasty things you can bake from watery weak apples!

If you have been reading this blog regularly you'll have noticed that I'm not hugely keen on summer, and autumn is my favourite season. My birthday is in early October, which usually coincides with the leaves falling for the very first time and that beautiful sunny cold crispy air that only just requires a jumper. I can't wait.

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