Saturday, 23 August 2008

Pin the tail...

Oh my god - I've made a stoned Donkey! Despite appearances, this wasn't supposed to look delirious or inebriated. It was all going so well until I hit a major problem with the eyes. Previously when making a felt stuffie I have made the eyes out of black felt but have discovered in my numerous experiments that black felt pollutes light felt and can make it look dirty. Strange how I didn't remember that when starting my light pink Donkey!

A bit of a panic swept over me as I had sewn the rest of it up and couldn't perform a surgical procedure to sew the eyes on. So I rooted around in a drawer and found some little eyes for toy making (not mine I hasten to add - I'm not that organised). Apparently, so I'm told, you can lessen the 'stoned look' by creating eyelids to stick over the eyes, but as I said the Donkey was all sewn up by that point.

Another thing I would do differently if making this again would be to mind how it looks from behind(!) I need a rotary cutter and one of those invisible ink pens I've seen for sale that dissapear magically 24 hours after you draw on material with them. I also didn't stuff the extra legs - but hey you can't always be perfect in life!

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