Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Beatrix Potter Tin

After a recent tidy-up of my room ready for a nice new desk and hopefully some order in my craft supplies and projects, I found this...isn't she cute? I think this was stitched quite recently as I remember being quite proud that my stitches has started to look quite neat.

I found this adorable tin in a nifty cancer charity shop (full of gifts and cards not the usual second hand items). I haven't used it much yet - if you look closely you can see that the book cover opens but I didn't want to take a photo of the inside of a tin and couldn't make it stay open. I thought perhaps it would be useful for my little DMC bobbins when stitching a project as they are floating around my sofa at the moment while I'm working on a bear.

I loved Beatrix Potter so much, she was amongst the very first authors I read and I remember distinctly thinking that the drawings must have been printed - they couldn't possibly have been drawn by someone! How exciting to discover she was more talented than I thought!

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