Saturday, 5 July 2008

Organising my DMC stash

I've taken some time out from sewing to organise my threads and materials. As you can see they look very neat and professional now, and are now in some little drawers I bought next to the sofa where I mostly sit to craft. They cost me £1 for a set of 3 drawers from a pound shop and they've come in so handy for little items that I want quickly such as needles, knitting row counters, pincushions and ball bands from balls of wool (for the washing instructions). Also in there are coloured pencils for when I think of an idea for a pattern and random stuff such as buttons.

My knitting stash has to be organised too, although as a beginner I'm still deciding how to store my ever-growing selection of knitting needles - perhaps a bag or wall hanging.

As you can see from the picture below, they look a lot better now I've spent a few hours organising them. (Blurry picture was intentional...honest. It's to make you see just how messy they were! Adobe Photoshop will make an appearance on my laptop soon! Not sure if it will steady my camera though!)

The list of DMC threads run to about 600 I think so I'm not sure if I'll ever own them all. I have less than I thought, at around 60 or 70, so I own 10% of the entire selection! Not bad! One tip I have if you have DMC threads still in their skein packets and you want to organise them with stickers and cardboard holders like me is to hang the skein in mid-air which helps it unravel...if you have it in your lap it will get knotted. As an experienced cross stitcher by the way, when you get a knot in the thread just go with it and cut it out. If the knot is close to the fabric leaving you not much thread left just unpick the last few stitches then finish off. I've wasted many minutes trying to undo knots and it just isn't worth it. As the thread is composed of 6 strands it just gets in such a mess you're better off admitting defeat. I lost a good 50 cm of thread today but that's life...

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