Sunday, 6 July 2008

My first knit!

I've actually finished my scarf this weekend. It took 2 and a half skeins of sirdar's Juniper wool which I got in the sale at my local knitting shop. The overall price of the materials was £7.90. I think you would certainly pay more than that for a scarf this nice in the shops. I have one a similar colour and happily paid about £18 for it I think...

This was my very first project and I made two false starts. First of all I started knitting it on 7mm needles with only a row of 10 stitches! The result was awful and I found the wool so hard to knit with (if you're a beginner don't start with this wool) as it has three strands of wool loosely wrapped together with a thin line of cotton. I knitted this for quite a few rows until I finally admitted defeat and unravelled it.

I then cast on 20 stitches on 9mm needles and found the effect much more suitable for a scarf! It's all stitched in garter stitch although it looks more special due to the wool. I think I'm going to stick with scarves for a while as my foray into baby hats isn't going so well. I found a tip in one of my books quite helpful and it's so true of this project...if you are going to stick with garter stitch make sure you pick a really funky wool to knit with so it makes up for the boring stitch!

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