Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Girl on a Swing

I realised with horror today that I hadn't posted here for nearly a week, so I thought I would show you why. I have about three cross stitch projects on the go, in different sizes and variations. This one above is quite large (for me). I find the length of time you are required to look at the same picture while you stitch it (I'm a slow and careful stitcher) to be sometimes really rather dull! I think that's why I'm lately so drawn towards stitched cards...they suit me very soon as I'm bored with the picture it's done and I can finish the card!

Anyway, the picture above is from the 'All Our Yesterdays' range by Faye Whittaker. I would say this is the cross stitch range I've bought most of lately. I have another one upstairs somewhere of two children in a poppy field with a lighthouse in the background waiting to be stitched...I just think they're so wistful and cute!

I'm also working on a couple of cards which should be finished this space!

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