Sunday, 13 July 2008

A bit of a mish mash (miaow!)

After finishing my scarf whilst watching the Wimbledon final last sunday I think I've had enough knitting for a couple of weeks! That was quite a marathon knit-fest! So in the last week in the evenings to wind down from work I've been cross stitching till my fingers ache...

The pictures in this post are of projects not quite finished yet so you will probably see them again in all their finished glory soon. This is why I've only snapped a glimpse of the material. I got the idea for the above from the DMC website.* The cats were in the perfect size for a card. I was orginally going to stitch them in black thread on white aida as recommended, but I saw some black material reduced in my local sewing shop and decided to use some glittery thread I had in. I went a bit mad on metallics a couple of years ago and bought loads.

This was another DMC free pattern that I downloaded and printed from their fab website. I'm very excited about this one and may even give it as a present for christmas or a birthday. In which case you may not see it again in my blog until after it has been sent - although I don't think the people in question will have time to read a sewing blog!

This one came out of my cross stich book that I found in the charity shop - I thought it would make a nice card for a relative. It's not really a card that I would like but then I am 27 and sometimes you have to stitch something that isn't quite to your taste when making cards and presents!

*If you join the DMC club for free you get loads of free patterns which would cost you a few quid each in the shops. I would say about 30% of them are to my taste which is not bad going saying they are free. Of course DMC want you to own their patterns so you'll go out and spend on their thread!

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