Sunday, 22 June 2008

Soft handmade blankets..

This is my baby blanket that I keep wittering on about. I decided after making my blanket below, to knit continuous rows of alternating colours so that I would only have to sew the rows together rather than each square. It's working fine so far. As you can see it's in garter stitch which I've stayed with for a long time (2 months, although it seems longer!). As you will see from the previous post, I have since progressed to purling and am, after a few false starts ribbing ok now I think. I am halfway through now, and have two more rows to knit. The blanket will measure about 50 x 60cm when finished. I may give it away to charity or keep it in for a present, I'm not sure.

This is my lush blue and cream blanket knitted from Wendy wool...don't you just want to rest your head on it and go to sleep? It's taking a long time to knit, although stitching it together as I'm going along is encouraging me as I can see how quickly it's's not so bad. I want to knit a couple of cushion covers to go with it and use the free wooden buttons simply knitting magazine gave away last month. They'll look very natural and fab with the blanket in my room.

I have a bit of a thing about shops not selling blankets anymore, but selling those horrible fleece things instead. Whatever happened to proper blankets? Or is just that I slept in a blanket crocheted by my Gran? It was black around the edges and had quite retro cool blues and yellows in it. When I learnt it was homemade at an age when I became interested that was it. I've had a quest to create a beautiful blanket ever since, just never had the money to create one myself. I'll admit, this blanket will be very expensive when finished.

As you can see from the photo I have to organise my wool and somewhere to store my blanket during the next few months when knitting it, otherwise it will spoil. I'm so lazy at organising my craft stuff, whenever I'm in the mood to do something with it I'd much rather be creating something than filing stuff away...that's just not chilling out to me...

I also wanted to crochet a lavender bag as after putting an ad on the intranet at work I now have quite a lot of free dried lavender (thanks again if you're reading this) so that is an upcoming project that will help store the blanket safely from moths.

Now that I'm leaving the safe confines of garter stitch I feel quite wistful when looking at these projects!

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