Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Running before I can walk

I'm not sure if I have any fans, or indeed readers, of this blog. If I do (even if there is just one of you so far) and you've been disappointed I do apologise.

Two things are holding me back from blogging in this blog:

1. I already have a blog which has become more successful in recent months. Whenever I have a spare moment to blog my attention will always go to that one, and I don't really feel inspired by this blog yet as I haven't got the design how I want, and

2. I don't have a digital camera and am surviving with my mobile phone. This makes it impossible to blog on crafts as most of the blog posts I read on the internet are composed of 60-70% photos sometimes, and good photos at that. Or perhaps they just look great to me as I don't own a proper camera! Good photography or at least a good camera looks to be essential to craft blogging and I must stop buying craft materials for a month or so in order to save up for one. As usual, with me, I'll want the absolute best that I can afford and won't scrimp! A hard task!

In the meantime, I've decided not to put anymore photos up of my projects as I don't think my camera phone which lacks a flash will do my work justice one bit. In fact I took a picture of an african woman I finished in cross stitch which was quite eye-catching against a blue background but which looked naff and dingy when photographed. Not surprising really.

I've nearly finished my raspberry ripple scarf (my first ever scarf!) which I hope to be able to show you soon. As I raced ahead with projects as soon as I learnt how to knit my first three projects are all in garter stitch. My second project, a huge cream and blue chequered blanket is great but the cream wool stinks. It's very expensive, and if I'd taken a bit more time planning it I may have washed the wool through to see if I could fade the smell a bit! As it is I'll have a hard time doing anything but taking it to the dry cleaners as it's dark blue and cream. Doh!

My third project is a baby blanket, my first project with wool that is 100% acrylic. It was slightly cheaper and much easier to knit with. This is also chequered dark pink and light pink. I think I need to start planning projects better with some graph paper and coloured pencils!

Oh, and I've learnt the purl stitch, and am nearly at the stage where I understand a knitting pattern, thanks a great deal to this book:

I paid full whack for this book and didn't realise I could have got it £5 cheaper on amazon. I can still only do patterns that involve a whole row of purl and a whole row of knit. I can't do knit one purl one knit one yet, for some reason my wool gets in a giant knot. I will watch more tutorials and progress steadily I'm sure.

See what I mean about the lack of a flash?

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