Thursday, 5 June 2008

Hey! Come join me back in the seventies!

Continuing the latest trend I have of jumping in at the deep end with crafting, I saw there was a half price sale on vogue sewing patterns and bought one. As I always seem to end up spending a few pounds extra than I intend to on crafts, of course I ended up buying another one, in a different range, at full whack. But I made sure they were classic designs that I would really wear to death when finishing them!
I totally adore these tops. I went mad as soon as I saw them online, especially the one that is featured in yellow in the picture. I love the way the hemline hangs so elegantly.

I've never attempted to make my own clothing before but I've been inspired by a few people who go out of their way to tell me how easy it is. I should imagine that once you choose your fabric and read through the sewing pattern everything will be fine. Patience, as usual with any craft, will be a virtue.

Normally, when I'm this excited about a project it works out perfectly. I think I'll attempt the PJ bottoms first of all, (in a much funkier material than is shown!) as they looked easier in the pattern. I'm sure it will be much simpler than trying on ten pairs of PJs in various shops and finding none in my size/a material/a texture that I like.

This project will, unlike the previous one I started yesterday, take more than a week to complete, more like a couple of months, but I'll tell you how it goes!

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