Sunday, 22 June 2008

The big sneeze!

My first chance to sit and have a rest after wrestling with a baby hat I’m knitting for a Save the Children campaign. I don't think I have to concentrate so much when I do anything else, apart from learning to drive! I’ve made the worst choice of (100%) wool possible for someone who suffers from sinusitis and hayfever and have now sneezed a total of 31* times since this morning. I feel so exhausted and thirsty I may as well have a cold! Hopefully the Tibetan newborn baby I’m determined to knit the hat for won’t experience the same symptoms. Perhaps I’ll wash it through before I send it…Knitting ain’t easy y’know!

Sitting with an excellent view of our garden, it seems the apple blossom in the corner overhanging the shed has merged into something rather more tasty and useful. A blackbird has been popping in and out of the tree for the last 30 minutes returning with all manner of berries and twigs, busily building a home for itself. No architect or planning department needed! There is such an array of flowers, bushes and wildlife in our relatively small town garden one wonders why anyone would ever say building houses reduces green spaces and wildlife…the field further down the street by the busy road, I’m sure, won’t have as much to offer.

When people moan about the price of fruit and veg these days I’m always reminded of how my dad made our back garden our fruitbowl, all for the price of a few seeds. Amongst the food he crammed into our garden when we were growing up were apples, blackcurrants, strawberries, potatoes, lettuce, sweet peas, and carrots besides much else and quite a large lawn to boot! I’m sure less people garden now and I’m sure children would benefit if more people took it up again. The joy I felt as a child of rummaging around in the earth for potatoes really taught me about being self sufficient.

It’s a lesson you can easily apply to life in general. Particularly during a recession!

*3 more times since writing this

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