Sunday, 10 February 2008

Rainbow embroidery

Surfing around crafting blogs this morning I made a very bright and colourful discovery - Future Girl who has had her work published in the 'Anticraft' book. Her blog is truly outstanding and will become a must read.

Coming across her photo of her stash of DMC threads made me smile - my cousin in Canada gave me a pack of DMC threads for my 21st birthday present (above) - and now, 6 years later, the filing systems I put in place back then have long been abandoned.

I had no idea there was a DMC list ready for you to tick off the colours as you buy them, so I'm sure I'll be parting with quite a lot of money in the next few weeks replacing my cottons and buying storage containers for them.

I have a few major projects on the go (probably not a good idea) and will return to the subject of embroidery soon.

1 comment:

futuregirl said...

I'm so glad you like my blog! :)

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